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***Updated on 22nd Nov 2013: Hi there!!! It’s the time of the year again 🙂 Time really flies. It has been 4 years since I visited Taiwan and I’m still soooo missing this place. Even more when Mr.Wong (éŧ„å…ˆį”Ÿ) gave me a surprise call last few days. I didnt know he still keep my number. He asked how am I doing and if I will be traveling again to Hualien because he had just opened a homestay. Awww, so sweet of him and I’m so tempted to go again but I’ve used up all my leave this year ðŸ˜Ķ Maybe next year, there are still so many beautiful places waiting for us to explore especially He Huan Shan…
Long story short, Mr. Wong can still be contactable at below number and if you are still looking around for transportation or homestay in Hualien, you may give Mr.Wong a ring and check out the details with him 🙂

***Updated : Guess it’s the time of the year again for long holiday…… Due to the number of request for Mr. Wong (éŧ„å…ˆį”Ÿ), the cabbie contact number, yours truly me did you all readers a favour by contacting Mr. Wong to verify if the number is still in use since it was almost 3 years back. Good news is yesssssss!!!!! It’s still the same number I’ve been giving you guys all this while. You can reach him through Aunty Liu from Stone House Homestay if you plan to stay there or call his mobile at 0928-298 472 (add in the exit and country code) to arrange for transportation and he is more than happy to bring you all around the beautiful Hualien county….Oh ya, one last thing, éŧ„å…ˆį”Ÿ speaks only Mandarin.. 

Enjoy your holiday and have fun!!!! 😀

Imma flood this entry with lotsa pics!!! *grin

We have earlier arrange with Aunty Liu through email for transportation during our stay in Hualien. The best way to travel around is by cab or rented car because there isn’t a MRT system and bus transfer isn’t that convenient.

Aunty Liu told us our tour guide, Mr.Wong (if I remembered correctly, lets just call him Mr.Wong) will reach at 8am and gave us 2 coupon for breakfast opposite the homestay.

This is where we spent the first night.. A room above KKK Mart. Highly NOT recommended lor

Mr.Wong’s car… We paid NTD2200 for 1 day tour to Taroko. So lucky he just bought this new car 😀 and it cost him only around NTD800k… damm cheap!! Our journey started with Mr.Wong pick us up from homestay after our breakfast then to Taroko then lunch then back to Taroko then dinner and lastly, back to the Stone house.

The journey from Hualien city to Taroko is around 1 hour ++.

It is arguable Hualien county has the most spectacular natural scenery and Taroko National Park is one of them with magnificent mountain and canyon view. Good things is no entrance fee… FOC!!

The captivating experience began here….

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Fondant #5: Bear

Looks like this has been my weekly activities 😀
A fondant a week keep the stress away… Heee!!


Sending love to all of you out there…

Good Night & Sweet Dream!! 🙂

Overweight Minion

Ba ba ba ~~~ ba ba Na na ~~
Potato na~~~~~
Hahahahaa 😀

The other day my fren mentioned about Minion cupcakes and the next day mydaling sent me a Minion fondant cake link so I tot I’ll give it a try.
And when I’m finally done, it turns out to be a fat and short minion… lol :p


I did a silly mistakes by putting the rolled body into the fridge to hardened it so that it will be easier to work with. It did hardened after 15 min but it also starts melting almost immediately once out from the fridge *panic
I have to re-shape it a little and so this is how the fatty Minion is born :p

Lesson learned!!

Lego cupcake

I’m planning to make Lego theme cupcakes for his nephew birthday so I thought I’ll start practicing now with the leftover cupcakes that I bake the other day.. Heheehee!!


I kind of like the Lego head.. heee!!
Next is to get more color or I’ll just buy white fondant and knead my own color..
Well, let’s just see how hardworking I am :p

Fondant #2: Lego

I thought baking is addictive but I just found out that working with fondant is even more addictive!!!
Once I start doing it, I cant stop… ðŸ˜Ū
Shaping the Lego bricks is easy but putting it up together is another story…
This mini little fondant Lego took me 2 hours to complete it
and here is my masterpiece

taa daaaa!!!


Yay or nay?? Hehehee!!!

My 1st fondant cake

A mini fondant cake to be more precise…
Tried to cover a quarter of the marble cake that I made earlier with fondant and ended up created a mess on my countertop but I did enjoy doing it 🙂
This time though I bought ready made fondant from the bakery shop unlike when I did the Hello Kitty so it really save me a lot time from folding and kneading the marshmallow and icing sugar. Else it will be a BIG mess, not just a mess :p

So this is my therapy session tonight and I’m happy with my masterpiece albeit a simple one.
I’m now determined to try with a bigger cake. Still need to practice more on covering the edges nicely.

Fondant cake

How about you? What is your therapy tonight?
I’m done with mine and it’s time for me to say good nitez and sweet dream… xoxo

Nutella Swiss Roll & Butter Cake

Both of the cake below are my 1st attempt, therefore there will not be any recipe included here as it’s still in a trial and error phase. So I guess I will only be sharing the recipe when I achieve that “OMG!! this is nice” compliment :p For now, I’ll just document down my baking moment since I dunno how long the baking bug will stay inside me.. Heee!!

I stumbled upon this Nutella Swiss roll recipe when I was googling for butter cake recipe which only requires 4 ingredients – flour, caster sugar, egg and Nutella. That’s it!!! After going through some how to video and few other recipes, I was determined to try it. It looks easy plus I have all the ingredients ready. I thought why not but I was so so soooo wrong. While it calls for only simple ingredients, achieving that chiffon like texture and rolling it without crack is the hard part. Still need more practice here..

Nutella Swiss Roll

I wanted to make a fondant cake so I tried this butter cake recipe and it turns out not bad. But I think it will be better if I let it sit a couple more minute in the oven. This recipe calls for milk but I just checked with my mum and she said hers version is without milk. Hmm.. Maybe I shall give it a try this weekend and compare which has the better texture 😀

Butter cake

It really takes a lot of patient and trial or was it just me (no talent ðŸ˜Ķ ) but I do really enjoy the process.
It does calm me down after a long day at work 🙂

My new hobby…

Hello there!!! I’m back 😀
Can’t believe it has been 10 months since I last updated.
I lost track on the house reno progress. Too many little things happened along the way and I got demotivated sometimes but no worries, it’s all good now.

I’ve always have some interest in baking so I insisted we should get an oven for our new house and I’m so happy we did because now I can bake… Heheeehe :p

I started off with chocolate chip cookies and the end product taste good but doesn’t really look nice. It come out flat ðŸ˜Ķ I like my cookies thick so I tried adding in some oatmeal and guess what….. it turns out great.
Crispy and thick cookies with lots of chocolate chips inside 😀


Then, last week was mydaling’s niece 1 year old birthday and the party theme is Hello Kitty. A week before the big day, his sister showed me some Hello Kitty cookies and asked if I can make some for the party and I was like, oh my… I don’t know how to make fondant plus I dont have the Hello Kitty mold… How am I going to do this???
Somehow, I was determine to try it out so I googled for fondant and cookies recipe and with some trial and error, I finally found the recipe that work out for me. Didn’t manage to do the Hello Kitty cookies though because I couldn’t get the mold on time.
Instead, I did the Hello Kitty using fondant without the base and complete it with mini cookies that writes “Happy 1st Birthday Milla” using fondant and royal icing.

I’m glad to say I’m happy with it considering the short notice for an amateur and I did get some compliment notes so that really motivates me. Heee…. Practice makes perfect and I shall always keep that in mind 😀


Next up, I’m planning to do a mini cake covered with fondant. Did I not mention I loveeeee mini stuff?? Somehow mini things like this and pastel colors has therapeutic effect on me 🙂

Hope this soothe you too… Good night!!

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